Radiator Misting System Plans

Hot weather, long grades and a tow car can cause overheating as most Clipper Owners are aware of. Fans in the radiator tunnel really don't help and actually block the air flow at normal highway speeds. An enlarged air scoop is ugly and is no help at low speeds. A misting system is really the only reliable method of cooling that hard working engine under stressful conditions. Clippers are notorious over heaters especially if you are running a big block v8.

This is actually a very simple device and easy to install with a few simple tools and parts. Start with a 4 ft length of 3/8 copper tubing and fashion a complete circle with the tubing and install a compression "T" to tie the ends together. Now drill very small holes about 1 1/2 inch apart slightly staggered around the entire circle of tubing on the top side only. (use at least a # 60 drill bit) This will be the spray ring and the holes must point to spray upward above the radiator. Working thru the access hole in your rear compartment mount the spray ring about a foot above the radiator. You can use bailing wire or make some fancy brackets. Just be sure you face the squirt holes upwards. Now you must run a 3/8 copper line from the "T" to the water pump you are using. Mount the pump as close as you can to your fresh water supply tank if you choose to use this as your water source. If you are lucky your tank is in the rear compartment. If not you may want to consider installing a tank for your water supply. Once you have your pump and water supply worked out the next step is to mount your relay. The relay should be mounted as close to the pump as conveniently possible. Also you must have a switch on your dash to initiate your system. This can be a simple spdt switch. You have a choice as to use an automatic timer to pulse the pump or you can use a spring loaded switch that you can pulse the pump manually. It's only necessary to mist the radiator momentarily every several seconds to effectively cool your engine. I recommend you use a timer as it's adjustable from 1 to 25 seconds or so and very simple to wire up.

The timer is a solid state windshield wiper control available at just about any auto parts store for about 8.00. The Pump should be at least a 3 to 4 gpm capacity. Use a 12 V relay that has a least a 20 amp contact rating. A horn relay works well for this. Be sure and fuse the relay and pump circuit as shown in the print out DIAGRAM. One more thing, if you find it easier you can use a small shower head for your misting system instead of the ring, and it works quite well if adjusted right on a Clipper. Not too well on other type coach and motorhome applications.

This is a VERY effective way of cooling your rig. I have used one on two Clippers of my own since 1973 and have never had a problem with overheating no matter the circumstances...

Bud Hoover (216) Copyright 1996

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